Full form of WDV is Wheat Dwarf Virus


DefinitionWheat Dwarf Virus

Main CategoryTrees & Plants

Sub CategoryPathogens & Diseases


What does WDV mean in Trees & Plants?

Wheat dwarf virus is a plant pathogenic virus of the family Geminiviridae. The two isolates of this virus effect both wheat and barley. It is spread by the leafhopper Psammotettix alienus.

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What does WDV mean in Pathogens & Diseases?

This page is about the meanings of the abbreviation WDV in the Trees & Plants field in general and in the Pathogens & Diseases terminology in particular.

What is the full name of WDV?

WDV full name is: Wheat Dwarf Virus.

WDV category name?

Wheat Dwarf Virus main category is Trees & Plants and Sub Category is Pathogens & Diseases.